Shall we!!



Lmao why do Youtubers think that’s cool? (Oh yes! I had to start this piece with a shade) Kindly find you a shade around here; it’s pretty sunny in my blog. Now if you didn’t get that pun, this is definitely not the site for you (nahh I’m kidding!😂)

I really am not sure why you stopped by here but thanks for taking a chance on me. I’m Fareedah Afolabi Boluwatife F.A.B (FABulous, get it?) A.K.A Faree for real A.K.A Madam Sekeeeee (lol we’ll get to that). I’m a “figuring-it-out” 200 level Law student in the University of Lagos — Model, writer and PR on the side. Writing (and consequently, this blog) is really important to me because I get to share my ideologies with my own community of people. I started with helping people write their essay assignments in school but let’s not go into that; my secondary school teachers may just be lurking around😂

In all things moderation, with the exception of study and sarcasm…..

I’d like this to be really interactive. Plus I’m a teen, so my articles are pretty relatable and suited for my targeted audience (#SayNoToLongExhaustiveArticles). Kindly recommend topical issues in the comment section which you’d like to hear my view on (and I pretty much just want to get to know y’all🤗). 

Now ladies and gentle-teens, shall we!!!!!

Like Mickey Mouse would say, “thanks for the stop and byeeee!”

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